Ten i muhoh Pocket Towel | Various Colours

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The perfect size for your pocket during gardening; this Japanese cotton towel makes the job a little less messy (and a lot more stylish we say).
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Ten i muhou's Pocket Towel is conveniently sized and versatile; perfect for travel, to keep in a handbag, the kitchen, for drying hands or as a face washer.

The fabric is weaved to the perfect thickness with both water retention and absorption properties.

Made in Japan

Care | Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent.
No bleach or fabric softeners.
Hang or tumble dry low.

100% certified organic cotton

Small | 28 X 28cm

Meet the Maker
It was in the spring of 1993 that we started the production and marketing of organic products made from organic cotton, which was little known to the general public in Japan at that time.

We named our brand "ten-i muhou," which is an idiom that translates literally as "heaven clothing with no stitching" and is often used to describe the beauty of prose or poetry that is naturally composed with no artifice or laboured expressions. As this name suggests, our aim is to deliver natural, comfortable, and beautiful products.

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