GRAFA Cloak Brass Planter

GRAFA Cloak Brass Planter



Handmade brass planter which wraps around a standard sized plant pot (either SMALL 14cm or LARGE 20cm) with a thin brass rod or rivet through the diameter. The cloak is coated with a natural finish which prevents the exterior from ageing for many years, preserving the sheen.

The planter comes with a black plastic saucer to fit a standard pot (either 14cm or 20cm depending on which you have). To use, drop the saucer into the planter so it is sitting on top of the rod/rivet and then place your pot plant on the saucer so it’s sitting inside the planter.

Designed and made in Melbourne.

Small | 14cm Diameter x 24cm Height (to fit around a 14cm or 5.5 inch diameter plastic pot) 
Large | 20cm Diameter x 30cm Height (to fit around a 20cm or 8 inch diameter plastic pot)

World-wide shipping available.
Item will ship within 10 days