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Arrowhead Vine 'Syngonium podophyllum'


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With delicate, arrow-shaped leaves, that can either trail or climb, the Syngonium is sure to make a statement in your home. Under the right conditions, Syngonium can grow incredibly quickly, so you might find you have to prune it a little more than your other indoor plants!

PLANT | Qty 1 x Arrowhead Vine 'Syngonium podophyllum' in a 200mm diameter nursery pot.
POT | Papaya Homewares Sondu Iringa Basket - Small

LIGHT | Bright, filtered sunlight, no direct sun. Can adapt to low light levels, but growth will become sparse.
WATER | Water thoroughly, letting the top layer of soil (3-5cm) dry before re-watering.
HUMIDITY | Moderate. Average household humidity should be fine, but if you notice the leaf edged browning, then give it a mist.
CARE | Low maintenance; great for beginners and developing your green thumb. 
PRO TIP | To keep compact, prune vines back to encourage growth at the base of the plant.

GIFTING | A great option - and will last longer than flowers. Add our Ivy Muse Tote Bag for that extra something special.

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Note | We hand-pick all our plants from local growers and send them straight to your door. Please note your plant may not be the ‘exact’ one pictured but we always choose high-quality specimens so yours will be just as beautiful and healthy.

Watering advice is a guide only; you will need to pay attention to your plant and see what its particular needs are in your own home environment.