Wholesale Terms & Conditions

General Brand Information

  • Launched in Spring 2014, IVY MUSE is a botanical wares studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

    What started as an idea to 'encourage creativity with greenery' has grown into an all - encompassing commitment to cultivating wellbeing with plants. Co-founders Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan are passionate about wellness and the myriad life-enhancing benefits plants can bring people. This enthusiasm has seen IVY MUSE grow from releasing a small collection of four plant stands in 2014 to being an integral part of an inspiring 'green' movement much bigger than themselves today.

    IVY MUSE design functional plant stands and botanical wares that amplify plant-life within a space. With a focus on traditional techniques and materials with integrity, IVY MUSE botanical wares are manufactured locally when ever possible and can be treasured for years to come.

    With a wholistic view in mind, IVY MUSE also offer residential and commercial plant styling and maintenance services.s, giving plant lovers ultimate freedom to showcase their greenery in and around the home. 

    In Spring 2016 IVY MUSE Botanical Emporium opened its doors in High Street, Armadale (VIC). This design-driven space houses the entire collection of IVY MUSE plant stands and products, complemented by a curated collection of plants, ceramics, botanical wares and art from around the globe, all with an undeniable botanical-lean to them. 

Product Information 

  • IVY MUSE botanical wares are designed and made in Australia with a focus on traditional materials, techniques and methods (please note that small secondary product components and packaging may be manufactured overseas). Our products are made from various materials such as steel (both rod and tubular), native timber, stoneware / earthenware and glass. As with all handmade products differences in shade, tone, markings, colour, size, texture, indentations and general appearance may occur. Please celebrate these imperfections as they are a sign that your product was made by human hands in small batches locally.

    Prices are subject to change without notice.

    Please check individual product listings to see if the product is recommended for indoor use only, indoor / outdoor use, or outdoor undercover use.

Care Instructions

  • Powder-coated surfaces are easily damaged by direct contact with abrasive surfaces such as cardboard, the exterior of unglazed pots and other textured surfaces including textured flooring such as course tiles. Please take care to store and package all plant stands with care. If surface cleaning is required, please use a damp soft cloth and a soft circular motion to remove any offending marks. Plant stands are not galvanised or zinc coated and will rust if water gets in contact with damaged powder-coated surfaces.

    Timber used is generally salvaged Victorian Ash, sourced locally in Melbourne. All timber is coated twice is Osmo Raw Natural Oil. In order to maintain your timber look and finish, please avoid contact with water and other wet substances. We also strongly recommend a light sand and re-coat with Osmo Raw Natural Oil on a yearly basis, especially if the timber is exposed to direct sun.

    Plated Surfaces such as copper or brass plated products may require polishing on a regular basis if you desire a polished / shiny finish. We recommend Brasso Metelware Polish which is available in most supermarkets and hardware stores. Please follow instructions on the product.

    Stoneware / Ceramic and Glass products can be cleaned with care to remove surface dirt and marks. Remove loose dirt with a soft bristle brush or a soft cloth if the surface is completely smooth. Washing with mild soap and tap water is acceptable but distilled or deionised water is preferable.

    Cement surfaces can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth in small round circular movements. Limit exposure to water and if spills should happen, wipe dry immediately.


  • IVY MUSE plants stands are purpose built to bear the weight of appropriately sized pots. We do not recommend the styling of our taller stands (with the exception of the Foundation and Comet) with large pots as this makes the taller stands very ‘top heavy’ and potentially unstable. 

    The use of felt pads or small felt stickers (available from Officeworks or Bunnings etc.) are recommended at all points of contact between pot and plant stand. These will preserve the finish and prevent scratching on the powder-coated and plated surfaces of the plant stands.

    For additional merchandising tips and advise, please contact Alana Langan at alana@ivymuse.com.au

Repair and Return Information 

  • Due to the fabrication process of our plant stands, it is not possible to repair damaged plant stands.

    We personally package all IVY MUSE orders with the utmost care. However if your order has been damaged during transit, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery with evidence of the damage and we will investigate, arrange a claim where necessary and organise replacements. 

Order, Payment and Shipping Information

  • Orders may be placed via our website (ivymuse.com.au) by logging in using your unique wholesale login and password.

    Invoices noting shipping costs and any additional surcharges will be issued once the order is processed- an estimated shipping date will be noted on your invoice correspondence.

    Minimum order value must meet or exceed AU$700.

    Please note we do not offer drop-ship services. 

    Full payment of goods is due prior to delivery.

    We accept the following forms of payment:
    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    BSB: 033-059
    Account Number: 662720

    Credit Card and PayPal
    If you choose to pay via credit card at the Shopify checkout, a credit card surcharge of 2.8% will be invoiced.

    If you choose to pay via AfterPay at the Shopify checkout, a surcharge of 6% will be invoiced. paid via electronic transfer or credit card (surcharge applies).

    Please note stock will not be reserved beyond the invoice due date. Standard invoice due date is 7 days from date of issue. 

    All goods are shipped at the retailer’s expense via the most suitable courier. Should you wish to organise your own courier please advise us at time of order. All goods shipped via courier will arrive bagged and boxed and free collection is available for Melbourne stockists from our Armadale address. If you are collecting from our Armadale address all plant stands will be individually bagged. If you require boxes an additional charge of AU$2 per box will apply. This charge will be noted on your invoice.

    International orders are pro-forma paid via electronic funds transfer unless otherwise specified.

    IVY MUSE reserves the right not to sell to a retailer.

Suggested Retail Price and Advertised Price (SRP & AP)

  • The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is a 2.0x markup. The Minimum Advertised Price of any product is also 2.0x markup. The MSRP and MAP apply to all products in all collections, and are subject to change at IVY MUSE’s discretion; any changes in the MSRP and MAP shall be effective immediately.

    All advertised IVY MUSE product must adhere to our MAP for the first 8 weeks after the collection launches. IVY MUSE reserves the right to discontinue business with any distributor who fails to market our collection accordingly.

    The retail and advertised pricing of IVY MUSE products are key components of our brand strategy and ability to compete favourably in the marketplace. IVY MUSE has unilaterally adopted this MSRP and MAP which apply to all retailers. Although retailers may adopt their own pricing strategies, IVY MUSE reserves the right to take such action as may be necessary to protect its brand and market, up to and including refusing to sell to any retailer whose conduct we believe is inconsistent with our brand and marketing strategy. 

Website Sales Policy

  • To sell IVY MUSE products online, the retailer must have been in operation for a minimum of 6 months and must obtain prior approval and promote the collection at MAP.

    Bundling, or including a free or discounted product (whether made by IVY MUSE or another manufacturer) with any IVY MUSE product covered by this MAP policy would violate the policy and is not permitted.

    Accounts must purchase a minimum of AU$2500 (initial order only) to obtain new online distribution and must purchase a minimum of AU$5,000 per calendar year to maintain active status as an online retailer. Sales to retailers with retail store locations plus online sales will be viewed on a combined basis.

    All items sold online must be advertised no lower than the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), unless otherwise approved by IVY MUSE in advance.

    IVY MUSE reserves the right to stop selling to online retailers who are not representing the brand appropriately or advertising below MAP.

    IVY MUSE is happy to provide both deep etch and styled product images for use on online stores. Retailers are also free to photograph their own images if they need to remain consistent with the overall look and feel of their website. The IVY MUSE logo is also available for retailer use on approved websites.

    A direct link from our Stockist Page via www.ivymuse.com.au to the retailer’s website is provided when a retailer’s orders exceed AU$2000. This status will continue when a retailer’s orders within each following 6-month period exceeds AU$4000. 

Exclusivity Policy

  • In order to be considered for exclusivity, a retailer’s combined orders over a 6-month period must exceed AU$4000. To maintain this status, the retailer’s orders must exceed AU$4000 during each following 6-month period.

    Exclusivity is only offered for plant stands and will not necessarily apply to future IVY MUSE collections and products.

    We define exclusivity as agreeing not to stock competing retailers in the stockist’s postcode.

Social Media

  • IVY MUSE is happy to provide both deep etch and styled product images for use on social media channels. Retailers are also free to photograph their own images if they need to remain consistent with the overall look and feel of their social media accounts.

    If the retailer chooses to post IVY MUSE styled shots the stylist (IG @alanalangan) and photographer must be credited (IG @annetteobrien).