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IVY MUSE strives to create a positive impact on the world around us, whether that be through the work that we do (cultivating wellbeing with plants), as well as our business as a whole.

Our goal is to be Carbon Neutral in 2021 and this is a 3-step process:

1. Measuring: We are currently in the process of completing an audit to ascertain our Carbon Footprint.
2. Reducing: Our current key Sustainability Initiatives include those listed below.
3. Offsetting: Once we know our Carbon Footprint we can further offset our organisation's carbon emissions by supporting clean energy and sustainability projects that reduce, remove or capture carbon from the atmosphere. We have also pledged to donate 100% of any carbon credit redemptions received via 'Climate Friendly Cart' (detailed below) to Gold Standard sustainability initiatives.
‘Climate Friendly Cart’ option for customers checking out on which enables purchases of Carbon Credits; supporting green initiatives like tree planting and clean energy projects.
*So far we have received 109 contributions from IVY MUSE customers, offsetting 18,235 kg of CO2! Thank you!

- Manufacturing IVY MUSE botanical wares in Melbourne whenever possible to reduce carbon footprint emissions from transportation. Small-scale local production also helps to eliminate the waste of unneeded products made to adhere to overseas minimums, reduce emissions and energy usage.

- Focusing on sourcing locally manufactured and sustainable products to retail in our Botanical Emporium.

- Using recycled materials wherever possible when packing customer orders (we know recycled packaging doesn't always look the prettiest, but we know it all adds up).

- Sourcing sustainable or renewable consumable products for use in-house.

We know sustainability is an ongoing process; as our business evolves we will continue to develop strategies to mitigate our carbon footprint. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.