Zakkia Homewares Embers Bowl Planter - Charred

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With a glossy inner glaze and raw ceramic outer, this handmade planter showcases the best of both worlds and makes a perfect pairing for all manner of small plants.
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The outside of the pot is raw ceramic, and the inside has a glossy sealed glaze. The finish of the ceramic is slightly textured and uneven, and because each pot is individually handcrafted this texture may differ slightly from what is pictured here. This is the beauty of buying handmade, your pot will be like no other.
Diameter | 14cm
Height | 14cm
Drainage | Yes
Meet the Maker
Zakkia began from a passion for good design and with an aim to create quality products that can be enjoyed over a lifetime. Their products follow a clean and minimal Scandinavian design philosophy. All of their products are created to have multiple uses,and are carefully handmade from high-quality raw materials for durability.

Your Zakkia piece is like no other, each product is unique and shows the marks of its journey.
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