Kinto Plant Pot 191 | Dark Grey

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Balancing usability and aesthetics, this planter will add an understated touch to plant-life of all types.
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The perfect addition to showcase greenery in any minimalist space.

This pot contains a drainage hole at the bottom, allowing water to drain freely and keep the plants healthy. It comes with a saucer so that it is suitable for indoors.

Included | 1 x pot and saucer
Small | pot 10.5(d) x 8.5(h)cm, saucer 10.5(d) x 1(h)cm
Large | pot 13.5(d) x 10.5(h)cm, saucer 13.5(d) x 1.5(h)cm
Colour | Dark grey
Materials | Porcelain
Origin | Made in Japan

Meet the Maker
Kinto produce sophisticated vessels and curated ceramics, this brand is about seeing the beauty in nature and slowing down the passage of time for the simple things in life.

From a dish shared between friends or a close family get together, Kinto imagines the everyday aspects of life and develop products that will bring those aspects genuine creativity and thoughtfulness.

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