Hemleva Monstera adansonii 'Archipelago' Keychain

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With its stunning colouring in hard enamel cloisonné; this keychain complete with high polished 10K Gold base will make a cute addition to any handbag or set of keys.
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The Monstera adansonii Archipelago' is a popular and highly prized plant for its fenestrations, oval-shaped holes, which give it its beloved nickname of Swiss Cheese Vine. The variegated leaves of the Archipelago' variety are beautifully translated into this striking keychain.

Featuring durable yet beautiful Hard Enamel Cloisonn finish, with a High Polished 10K Gold base. It also includes a darling HEMLEVA charm. With this original HEMLEVA keychain, you can bring your love of plants with you, wherever life may lead.

2 1/2 x 1 1/2
Gorgeous Hard Enamel Cloisonn
High Polished 10K Gold Base
Illustrated by Samantha Leung
Packaged in a clear box with a card back*, perfect for gifting!

Meet the Maker
Launched in the Autumn of 2013, Hemleva is focused around bringing greenery into the home and into our daily lives. Hemleva is currently based out of Seattle, Washington, and is entirely run by Samantha Leung.

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