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Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)


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The undisputed darling of interiors world-wide and we can see why. Broad, fiddle-shaped leaves in the most perfect shade of green are what set this plant apart. With their potential lofty height, fiddle leaf's are great when you have the space to watch them grow, whilst smaller specimens cut a striking figure in any space.

PLANT | Qty 1 x Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) in a 400mm diameter nursery pot.
POT | Ivy Muse 'Chubby' Spun Metal Pot | Stone 'Senior'

LIGHT | Filtered to bright indirect. Can handle gentle morning sun.
Once a week, and once every two in winter. Can handle being drier rather than constantly damp.
HUMIDITY | High; Mist regularly or place on a pebble tray filled with water to increase humidity. 
CARE | High
 maintenance; Fiddle Leaf Figs require consistent watering and are sensitive to drafts and temperature changes.
PRO TIP | Rotate your plant a little every week so it doesn’t have uneven growth leaning towards sunlight.

GIFTING | A great option - they’re still very popular plants as they’re just so pretty. Add our Ivy Muse Tote Bag to your order for that extra something special.

For healthier plants, add a Plant Care Bundle to your order.


Note | We hand-pick all our plants from local growers and send them straight to your door. Please note your plant may not be the ‘exact’ one pictured but we always choose high-quality specimens so yours will be just as beautiful and healthy.

Watering advice is a guide only; you will need to pay attention to your plant and see what its particular needs are in your own home environment.