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IVY MUSE Aeration Pebbles | 3ltr Pouch


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Simple, yet ingeniously versatile balls of porous clay to take your indoor jungle to the next level. Use as a stand-alone growing medium (instead of soil), add to your potting mix to increase aeration or layer at the base of planters to promote root health.

SUBSTITUTE for soil when propagating or repotting indoor plants. Benefits include ease of watering, clear visibility of your plant’s growth/health and absorption of excess water. AERATION PEBBLES can be used in conjunction with PLANT TONIC when used as a soil substitute.
MIX with FOUNDATION POTTING SOIL to create your own cacti and succulent potting soil. The addition of AERATION PEBBLES to regular potting soil will further increase aeration and breathability, encouraging root development whilst limiting the risk of root rot.
ADD to the base of any vessel to assist with drainage and help prevent the formation of mould and algae. If your vessel has no drainage holes AERATION PEBBLES are an absolute essential, ensuring that your plant’s roots are elevated and not sitting in waterlogged soil.

Rinse the required amount of AERATION PEBBLES under running water to remove dust particles and residue.
Submerge AERATION PEBBLES in fresh water and allow to soak for at least 12 - 24 hours.
Your AERATION PEBBLES are now ready for use.

Available in 3ltr Pouches

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