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Houseplant Hoarders

Bec & Greg AKA The Houseplant Hoarders are excited to share with you their NEW range of plant care products!
After receiving a multitude of questions received about speciality soil mixes and plant care, the Queensland Couple decided to create their own range of pre-packaged soils and plant care products. All products have been tried and tested and are based on the couple's own experience collecting and growing a wide range of shade and indoor plants.

" Our personalised soil blends and plant care products were a long time in the making. After months of experimenting with a wide range of ingredients, we developed our first two soil mixes; one for Indoor Plants and the other for Aroids and Tropicals. Seeing a gap in the market for high quality and convenient soil products we decided to further tweak and perfect our recipes and market them for retail sales. Our range quickly grew to include propagation mediums and care products. We are proud to offer our customers high quality planty products that save time, space and mess."

- The Houseplant Hoarders