Fundamental.Berlin Flatmate | Centipede

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Hand-crafted from shimmering brass, this cute interior accessory serves as a reminder to connect with nature daily.
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You are never alone.

The pandemic of 2020 came with a new awareness of the nature around us. While we used time to enjoy the outdoors, we didn't overlook the engineering elegance of the insects that we share our homes with. Zooming in on the creepy-crawly beauties under our noses, we reimagined them larger and in shimmering brass.

Each is about the size of a playing card: keep them on the desk, hang them on the wall like a picture or in the window like a pendant. Made in Berlin in a social workshop for the disabled.

Comes with a discreet hook for hanging on a wall like a picture.

Length | 11 cm
Width (antennae) | 7 cm

Meet the Maker
Furniture and Homewares inspired by the Mathematics of Nature
what does that mean?

It means we look at patterns and forms that occur in the natural world; we adapt and play with them as a starting point for all of our designs. Those patterns and principles breathe through our products, bringing them to life, revealing themselves slowly.

Almost all of what we make relies on the user to give it the final touch, to make it his or her own. We work with natural materials such as European oak, Douglas Fir, pure sheet metals, as well as some surprising new materials and processes.

We are a firm rooted in Berlin, Germany, operating globally in a spirit of openness and fairness, exporting to 34 countries and counting.

We manufacture our products in small factories that we know well.

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