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CROWN OF THORNS Smudge Stick #2


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White Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Straw Flower cleansing bundle ( smoke wand, smudge Stick ) with Australian Quartz.

Organic White Sage, Rosemary, Lavender and Orange/yellow Straw Flower Cleansing Bundle.
Burn to cleanse Negative energy and to promote Luck, unity, longevity and a state of Calm.

Straw Flowers are beautiful, bright everlasting blooms. They have been known to be a symbol of agreement, Luck, longevity, and protection.
Straw Flowers are used in magick to ensure the effects of a spell or ritual will last.

Lavender has strong antiseptic qualities.
It promotes sleep, peace, protection, love, purification, visions, healing and clarity of thought.

Rosemary to remember, protect and to keep away evil and negativity.
When burned with purifying White Sage makes a complete cleansing and calming smoke ritual.
Bound with Australian Quartz.

Burn in a heat proof bowl for cleansing and purification.

• 20-25cm in length.
• Home Grown and hand made in the Tweed Valley, Australia.
• Organically, sustainably and Ethically Grown.
• Hand Bound with black cotton and naturally dried.
• Bound with natural Australian Amethyst - every Smoke Bundle is bound with a different stone, no two are the same!
• Please understand that every Smoke Bundle is hand made and a little different from the next, so yours may not look exactly like the ones you see pictured.
• All items are cleansed before leaving Crown of Thorns.

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