Natalie Miller | BLOOM Series

From sought-after Australian textile artist and designer Natalie Miller comes this five-piece botanical-themed weaving series created exclusively for IVY MUSE.

Woven delicately by hand, each one-of-a-kind weaving showcases abstract flowers in an array of wondrous colours.

Natalie botanically and naturally hand-dyed all the 20ply Australian wool from which the series is cast. Main colours include Cochineal, Indigo, Madder, Logwood and Eucalyptus Leaf along with other shades created using Red Cabbage, Saffron, Gardenia and Brown Onions among others.

Natalie Miller is an Australian architect, interior designer and textile artist who resides in the Southern Highlands, NSW. Natalie has been working with macrame for 12 years and is renowned for her colourful handmade artworks. She has a long list of accolades to her name and most recently created the biggest macrame chandelier in the world in Hong Kong.

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