Wellbeing With Plants | Thomas Denning

Wellbeing With Plants | Thomas Denning

By Alana Langan

Wellbeing With Plants | Thomas Denning

Please tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Thomas Denning, I am a horticulturalist working out of a nursery in inner city Melbourne. My work is quite varied dealing with indoor plants, maintenance and garden construction.

What do you love most about indoor plants?

I really love the routine that plants help create in your life after you take one home. They force you to take a bit of step back and put time into caring for them and considering what is going to help them thrive.

How do indoor plants enhance your wellbeing?

Everyone can benefit in some way from owning indoor plants. Even having the visual of greenery from plants indoors helps improve wellbeing. There is something incredibly calming and grounding being surrounded by a mini indoor jungle. I always feel instantly relaxed when I walk through the door to my apartment.

In what other ways do plants nurture you?

I’m lucky that I get to be surrounded by plants at work and home. Just getting the opportunity to work with plants day in day out is nurturing in itself and seeing them flourish is always incredibly rewarding.

What's your favourite plant?

That is a very hard question to answer, I tend to be drawn more to plants with weird growth habits and forms more than anything else. Using different shapes and foliage indoors or in a landscape setting always helps create a more interesting visual. The variety in Acacia species is amazing and you can’t go past a Rhipsalis to help brighten up an indoor setting.

What do you find most difficult about plant care?

There are many things that can be a bit challenging about caring for plants. Factors like light, soil, nutrients, environment and pest control all need to be considered when choosing the right plant indoors or out. So making sure I spend the time doing a bit of research to investigate helps avoid any casualties. My apartment is also west facing and gets quite hot during the warmer months, so the watering schedule can be quite intimidating/time consuming during that time.

Has taking care of plants taught you anything insightful?

More than anything else plants have taught me to never stop learning and improving my own knowledge. There is still so much the natural environment and its inhabitants can teach us, it’s well worth investing our time to hear what they have to say.

What's another wellbeing practice you swear by?

I think it’s really important to recognise when you need to slow down a bit and take a moment for yourself. We all get caught up in our everyday lives and it can become hard to invest that time doing whatever brings us a sense of happiness. So making sure I focus on that a bit more has become part of my routine.

Photos by Thomas