Wellbeing With Plants | Masha Gorodilova

Wellbeing With Plants | Masha Gorodilova

By Alana Langan

Wellbeing With Plants | Masha Gorodilova

Please tell us a little bit about yourself...

I am a yogi and a Co-Founder of Happy Melon Studios in High Street, Armadale. We have been open since April 2016 and became neighbours with IVY MUSE a few months after.

What do you love most about indoor plants?
I love how indoor plants make spaces (and Happy Melon) look alive. It’s almost like the place breathes deeper and there's a real quality of tranquility.

How do indoor plants enhance your wellbeing?
At Happy Melon we talk a lot about the quality of breath. In order to slow the mind chatter down we ask guests to focus on the breath and organically everything slows down. I think the same thing happens with plants. They make you slow down and
appreciate the moments in between.

What was the first indoor plant you ever had?  
I grew up in Russia, a very cold country. In winter there is nothing green but indoor plants. I don’t remember my first but I do remember stealing plants (or the roots of the plants) from school so my home could look greener. I guess I didn't have any money to buy them so I was sharing the plants from school (!).

Has taking care of plants taught you anything insightful?
It’s not as easy as I thought. I keep learning which plants need more water or love -
and some just don’t need any. They are a living creature and I need to learn to
understand them more. 

What's another wellness practice you swear by?
I am a litte biased but yoga and meditation is my road to wellness. I would love to practice yoga till I am very old. Meditation is non negotiable for me even with a 10-month old baby. If you think you don’t have 10 mins, meditate for 20.