Welcome to Musings

Welcome to MUSINGS, a hub for our growing plant-gang community; a place to be inspired, to learn more about our green-leafed friends, to meet the designers and makers we love to work with and catch up on the latest IVY MUSE news and behind-the- scenes goss.

As we’ve welcomed Spring back to Melbourne we’ve taken some time to reflect on the past year. It was around this time in 2017 we opened the doors to our IVY MUSE Botanical Emporium in High Street, Armadale. Our vision for the space was to create a captivating and engaging Botanical Emporium; a design-driven space housing the entire collection of IVY MUSE plant stands and products, complemented by pots, plants and a curated collection of homewares sourced locally and around the globe, all with an undeniable botanical-lean to them.

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a number of artists to exhibit their botanical-inspired works in-store, including Elizabeth Barnett, Amy Wright and Robert Bower's as well as most recently, renowned Australian designer and weave artist Natalie Miller.

Excitingly we’ve just launched our new website which now includes a wide range of the offering we have in-store at our Botanical Emporium; if it’s plant-related, we’ve got you covered. Designers include Bonnie & Neil, Sophie Moran, Maison Balzac, Leif and many more.

We’ve got lots planned for MUSINGS, we hope you enjoy being part of our community. (P.S If there’s something you’d like us to cover let us know! Drop us a line at hello@ivymuse.com )