The ancient healing practice of burning sage to cleanse your home.

The ancient healing practice of burning sage to cleanse your home.

By Alana Langan

The ancient healing practice of burning sage to cleanse your home.

The ceremony of burning plants can be cleansing for the mind, body and spirit (and home) and is recognised as a beneficial wellbeing practice across many differing cultures. We're big fans over here and cleanse our homes around once a month. There's no right and wrong schedule, just go with what works for you.

1. You'll need a sage smudge stick - we love Crown of Thorns 
2. Something to light the sage with 
3. Vessel to hold your sage, this one works well from Addition Studios 
4. Something to fan the smoke, we often just use our hand
5. Open a window in every room you intend to cleanse



Setting an intention before smudging helps to identify what it is exactly that you'd like to cleanse or release from your home. Is it someone else's energy who visited? Is it to purify your own and start afresh? Set your intention and then consciously reflect on it as your are smudging. You can even decide on a mantra to say aloud which supports your intention. The ritual of burning sage is sacred in many cultures and we should always remember to respect the practice and be grateful for its wellbeing benefits.


Light your sage, let it flame for a few seconds then blow it out. It should now billow smoke quite well (you should see it lit up orange at the ends). Walk around your home (either hold the smudge stick or keep it held securely in the vessel) and let the smoke get to work. Let the smoke waft around slowly, use your hands or fan to guide it around and out the open windows.

Don't get distracted during this part; you need to watch for any falling embers and be careful not to drop the smudge stick itself as it is a fire risk! Also don't inhale the smoke directly, it can irritate your lungs and eyes.


Crafted by hand in the Tweed Valley, Australia, we're pleased to be now stocking Crown of Thorns smudge sticks. Choose from two types, one for sleep the other a more general purpose cleanse.

Organically, sustainably and ethically grown plants including Organic White Sage, Rosemary, Lavender and Orange/yellow Straw Flower combine to create a calming and cleansing bundle to release negative energy and to promote luck, unity, longevity and a state of calm. Lavender has strong antiseptic qualities and is also known to promote sleep.

Hand-bound with various natural Australian Quartz stones for cleansing, protection and promoting positivity - every Smudge Stick is bound with a different stone, no two are the same. 

Now more than ever we need to turn to the nurturing benefits Mother Nature can offer us.

Keep safe and well A&J xx