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Guess where we've been hanging out?

Since teaming up with Courtney & Hans at The Block (stay tuned for more on this!) we have been busy taking care of the masses of plant-life throughout The Gatwick for the past few months, seen here doing our thing in the penthouse bathroom of Norm & Jess (and yes that bathtub really is a good fake). For more details on how we can help your plants thrive in any space click HERE


A warm welcome to Katrina, our plant maintenance go-to-green-thumb!

Katrina is a qualified Horticulturist with a Certificate IV in Horticulture from Holmesglen.

Katrina’s passion is indoor plants. Katrina will not only care for your indoor plants she will assist them to thrive!

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, growing her own organic produce and relaxing in nature.