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Our gardening range is growing!

Over the last couple of months you may have noticed more gardening products added to our Botanical Emporium selection - from tools (secateurs, flower & fruit snips, compost scoops and more!), to gloves and wooden trugs, these tools of the trade are perfect for the indoor and outdoor gardener alike.

Timed to coincide with the start of Spring, this renewed product focus was a result of more time spent at home over the last year. With multiple lockdowns, we endeavoured to find joy in grounding acts. We purchased chickens so we could collect our own eggs and planted a veggie patch with the help of The Veggie Patch Co seeds. From the first blueberries of the season to watching our first sunflower tower above the compost heap, there was no shortage of beautiful memories created during this time.

Omlet Chicken House

Kismet and Ace enjoying their Omlet Chicken House

Below are the products that helped us on our journey, all available now both online and in-store.

Grafa Copper Gardening Tools $89

Little Veggie Patch Co Sunflower Seeds

Little Veggie Patch Co Sunflower Hi Sun Seeds $5.50

Budding Gardener Wooden Trug $36.50