How to get rid of Fungas Gnats

How to get rid of Fungas Gnats

By Alana Langan

How to get rid of Fungas Gnats

What are fungus gnats?
Fungus gnats are small flies that you sometimes find flying around your houseplants. They infest potting mix, laying larvae in the soil. Though initially not hugely damaging to a healthy plant, the larvae can eat the roots of your plant if the infestation grows - plus they can be very annoying to us humans!

How did they get here?

Pests like fungus gnats thrive in moist soil, so their presence may indicate you've been over-watering. They may be feeding on roots that have been immersed in water too long and are rotting, or they may be attracted to fungus growing in saturated topsoil. Potting mix and plants can also be infested with larvae when you purchase them. It can take a couple of months and some repeated steps to get rid of an infestation, so be patient... but it is possible!

How do I get rid of them?
1 / Isolate the infested plant.
2 / Let the first two inches of potting mix dry out between waterings.
3 / Sticky traps placed near the plant and around the home can help catch adult flies (available from hardware stores).
4 /  Drench soil with Neem Oil spray solution about once a week until you see no more flying adults; this will deal with the larvae. (Be sure to keep spraying weekly a good month after you see the last flying adult).
5 / Alternatively, use a soil barrier which can create a physical barrier between the soil and fungus gnats - plus it also contains neem!

Help stop them returning.
We've had lots of happy customers use our Soil Barrier (previously Gnat Immunity) which creates a physical barrier between the soil and fungus gnats. Diatomaceous Earth fights impurities while Organic Neem* Granules condition the soil with slow releasing nutrients and elements.

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