CREATE A VIBE AT HOME WITH PLANT: one space styled four ways

CREATE A VIBE AT HOME WITH PLANT: one space styled four ways

By Alana Langan

CREATE A VIBE AT HOME WITH PLANT: one space styled four ways

Plants have a superstar ability to add dimension to your decorating at a fraction of the cost of the latest 'must have' homeware. If you ask us, they're the ultimate styling accessory. Some plants can be associated with certain fashions, locations or vibes and you can use this to create a distinctive look that echoes the style of your home, or to create contrasting scenes. Below we break down how we've styled one space in four different interior 'styles' - but honestly, there's a plethora of ways you could use plants to create vibes.The fun part is figuring out which is going to work best for you.

Plants that are commonly found in coastal landscapes can conjure up a tropical, beachside feeling. You can create a striking look with just a few of these plant varieties. Remember to stagger the heights so you're not left with a flat display - you want your eyes to journey along the scene. (Plants from L-R; Giant bird of paradise, spath sensation and lady palm).


For a fresh contemporary look, choose unusual plants that have an interesting, sculptural silhouette. Play with height and shape to create an exciting visual feast and think outside the box when it comes to vessels and pots. Pair a large tree with a canvas basket for a contemporary take on a class pot or try a plant stand to round our the styling and add another dimension to the group. (Plants L - R; Moonshine snake plant, mistletoe cactus, snowdrop cactus, zanzibar gem, fig tree and zebra plant (calathea). 


The trick here is to employ the idea that 'less is more' by using fewer plants and choosing bold varieties. Large leaves with interesting shapes have lots of visual presence. Large, sculptural trees like fiddle leaf figs and well-established specimens like wolf's head philodendrons or monstera would also work well here. (Plants L - R; monstera and rubber plant). 

To evoke a bohemian jungle vibe, go for maximum impact and choose plants that offer a variety of sizes and textures. A layered look is always our go-to as it creates depth and varying heights which works well visually. Place some plants on the ground and use stands, timber stumps (or anything really) to support the vessels and give plants the opportunity to drape down where they can. (Plants L - R; Christmas cactus, green exotica hoya, hoya heuschkeliana, spider plant, golden cane palm, monstera and Boston fern).

We've broken down four popular interior 'styles' but don't forget if you're anything like us and like to shy away from getting stuck in any one particular 'vibe' then create your own by including a mix of plants that speak to you. Ultimately the goal here is to create a plant-filled sanctuary that nurtures your well-being.

We’re passionate about cultivating wellbeing with plants. Plants enrich spaces. They soften contemporary environments, creating lush sanctuaries that invigorate us and help us reconnect with nature. Plants increase our quality of life.

With an eye for design and styling interiors, we can help you greenify your space, whatever the size. From residential to commercial settings, we can curate a design-savvy botanical solution that inspires. 

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